Electrical equipment can malfunction as part of any CNC machine.

At CNC Tech we specialize in troubleshooting and diagnostic testing of any electronic control components. Our services include repairs to power supplies, processors, input/output boards, displays and more.

At CNC Tech we make sure to find the electrical problem that is preventing your CNC machine from operating effectively. The source of the problem can be a number of factors. Often times, equipment controlled by CNC computers can have programming issues including wrong set-ups or wrong data variables. Poor maintenance can also prevent your machine from operating efficiently. When there is a failure to clean away debris, the build-up of dust and dirt can result in inaccuracies of your machines’ operating system. At CNC Tech our job is to find the source of your electrical issues and get your operations up and running quickly again.

If your machine needs to be evaluated for electrical repair, call CNC Tech and we will diagnose your equipment issue. At CNC Tech we offer a Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM) Program. Contact us for more details.

We offer a wide range of electrical services including:

  • Retrofits
  • Fault Finding
  • Electrical Diagnostics

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