CNC Tech can help your business save money and time by making sure you get the right cut the first time. CNC Tech uses Renishaw XL 80 laser system to calibrate the linear accuracy of all types of machines. The XL 80 laser produces an extremely stable laser beam, for dynamic performance. All measurement options are based on interferometric measurements, giving confidence in the accuracy of data recorded. This is a fast way of qualifying and correcting positional accuracy on equipment.

The XL 80 is extremely easy to set up, allowing for less downtime in your production line. CNC Tech has 2 Renishaw XL 80 systems to accommodate the calibration of gantry-type machines. Every linear calibration will come with a detailed report outlining the machine’s condition and the final results post calibration.

Improve your business operation with our Renishaw XL 80 laser system. We recommend that machines are checked for linear accuracy annually in order to maintain your performance. Ask us about our preventative maintenance program.

We offer a wide range of calibration services including:

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