Our Partnerships

CNC Tech Inc. is proud to announce our partnership with the following companies, enabling us to extend our current range of products and services to industry.

ERE Inc. design and manufacture innovative environmental equipment such as the CoolSep Coolant Purifying System. Their chemical division also manufactures natural degreasers of which CNC Tech are proud distributors. AD-20™ All-Purpose Degreaser / Cleaner, AD-20™ Heavy Duty Degreaser / Cleaner and CoolSep™ AS-500 Coolant Purifying System

MEC specializes in the supply, repair, and exchange of, CNC Metal and Woodworking Spindles, Live tools, Angle heads, Servo motors, Vacuum pumps, and AC/DC motors. They also supply high quality parts and accessories from leading manufactures of CNC equipment. CNC Tech have partnered with MEC to make these products and services easily accessible to our customers in the GTA and surrounding areas.

Ameta specializes in the distribution and manufacturing of high-tech professional Lubricating Sprays, Metallic Coatings, Corrosion protection and Tooling spray products for the metal fabrication and finishing industry, offering cutting-edge surface solutions for the past 20 years. CNC Tech’s partnership with Ameta now make these high-quality products available to all our existing/future customers.

Aeroex has 20 years of experience in Air Purification. They are experts in air purification solutions and other various specialty applications for commercial, industrial, and residential homes. Their air purification is suitable for the most dependent applications.

CNC Tech, through its partnership with Aeroex, is able to offer timely delivery, installation, and commissioning of your new filtration systems.

Aeroex Oil Mist Collectors

Engineered to overcome many of the shortfalls of other technologies and designs.

Two great series to choose from:

ARO Series

  • Premium oil mist collectors
  • Heavy duty fibre bed filters for today’s toughest applications.
  • Low maintenance and absolutely clean air.


Mist-Fit Series

  • Compact & Big on performance
  • Premium fibre bed filters at an affordable price
  • Ideal for high pressure coolant and oil applications
  • Easily machine mounted


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